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Grain Bin Construction 

Your farm is expanding. Great! Your storage facility isn't ready to handle the additional output. That's not so great. Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication to the rescue. We offer fast, efficient grain bin construction as well as sales, service in installation of pre-engineered metal buildings, and everything else you need to handle your increased volume without breaking a sweat. Call today for a quote!

From the plant to the plate post-haste

Your great-grandparents processed a harvest by the sweat of their brow and a few good horses. Today, we have gravity unloading pits, hydraulic dumpers, grain elevators and conveyors. Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication has provided these implements and more to area farmers for over half a century!
View of a grain bin construction unit with hydraulic dumper in Cairo, GA

Keeping Up Appearances

You may not give much thought to how your plant looks, but you should. After all, what sort of message does a rusted out warehouse with crumbling infrastructure send? Let Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication help you send a better one with sandblasting, painting, re-roofing and renovation services. Call today for a quote.

Get Your Ideas Off the Ground

You're ready to take your operation to the next level, but the prospect of overhauling your facilities is overwhelming. Make an executive decision and delegate your redesign to Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication. We offer complete design, planning and execution of agricultural projects. 

Authorized dealer of Sukup bins and Elite Structures

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