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Our Mission 

To be the best provider of knowledge and innovative solutions for quality construction and commercial industries.

Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication knows that commercial farmers are some of the hardest working individuals around. We're willing and able to work equally hard to make sure you have the grain bins, storage and handling systems you need to keep your harvest protected from the elements. 
Whether you're building a plant from the ground up, or bringing an older facility into the 21st century, call us!

More Than a Buzzword

What good is a brand new processing plant with all the bells and whistles if you have to replace major components after only a few years? At Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication, we asked ourselves that same question years ago.

To us, sustainability isn't a phrase we toss around to be trendy. It's a philosophy we live and work by.
Grains bins provided by Merritt Mechanical Fabrication experts in  Cairo, GA

Contractor Collaboration

As a small business, Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication may call on subcontractors to help us complete large-scale jobs on time and under budget. If we do so on your project, rest assured that these companies have been carefully vetted for having a solid reputation for quality work and top-notch employees.  

The Secret to our Staying Power

Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication believes that success in business isn't rocket science. Our customers will happily vouch for the fact that company founder James Merritt is a man of integrity who treats people with dignity, kindness and respect. It's kept us going for 50 years, and will keep us going for 50 more!

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